POLISH PAVILION INTERVIEW: “Visitors will not only see products from Polish companies but also get information how the agriculture sector evolved and transformed in Poland”

1.    Let’s start with some background on PAIH as coordinating partner for the Polish pavilion.
The Polish Investment and Trade Agency is a state-owned agency falling under the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology of the Republic of Poland. Our core business is to build a platform for investment and trade relations between Kenya and Poland. Our work involves linking Polish entrepreneurs and investors with the right partners in Kenya. Through the State Development Bank of Poland we may also facilitate trade finance support if requested.

2.    What exciting new products or projects will the Polish pavilion display at Farm-Tech Expo Kenya?
During the expo, the Polish companies will bring new products like moisture metres, quality and affordable tractors and components like rims and agrochemicals.
3.    Which companies will be represented at the event?
Five companies will be present, namely Ursus S.A, Pronar Sp z o.o, Intermag Sp z o.o , Draminski S.A and Fenes S.A.

4.    What makes the agricultural sector in Kenya exciting for Polish suppliers to the agri sector? 
Poland and Kenya share a similar story, whereby Poland underwent a major agricultural transition period of mechanisation, optimisation and adapting new technologies to farming sector comprising of can be categorised as typical medium-scale farming. Poland as a country was once at a fairly similar level where Kenya is now in terms of agriculture. Taking into account Poland’s agricultural innovativeness, competence and experience we would like to share with Kenya our knowledge and practices in order to achieve progressive goals such as agricultural mechanization, providing quality farm inputs and implementing new technologies.
5.    What in your view are the main challenges to the sector in the region?
The main challenges are lack of agricultural mechanization, right and quality farm inputs and especially handling of the produce post-harvest (processing and storage).

6.    What inspires you about working in the agri sector?
Kenya has the largest, most diversified economy in East Africa with agriculture being the backbone of the economy and also central to the country’s development strategy. The agricultural sector in Kenya directly influences overall economic performance through its contribution to GDP and a valuable source of income for the majority of Kenyans.

7.    What will be your message at Farm-Tech Expo Kenya?
At the Polish Pavilion, visitors will not only see products from Polish companies but also get information how the agriculture sector evolved and transformed in Poland. The experts will give Kenyans solutions the challenges they are facing in improving within the sector.