AGRI MACHINERY INTERVIEW: “Ndume’s message at Farm-Tech Expo Kenya will be: Buy Kenyan, Build Kenya”

1)    Let’s start with highlights for your organisation during the last 12 months.
We have been promoting minimum tillage options to small scale farmers for some years now, and manufacture a number of implements suited to small tractors in support of conservation farming.  We have been pleased to see increased sales of these implements which indicate many smaller farmers are starting to embrace minimum tillage techniques.

2)    What makes your products and services competitive in the agri sector?
Ndume have been manufacturing agricultural machines and implements in Kenya for the last 60 years and we use our vast experiences and those of local farmers to produce machinery that is ideally suited to the harsh East African farming environment. As a result, our products are very durable, simple to use and easy to maintain. As over 90 % of our products are manufactured in house, spare parts are always immediately available, which helps keep farmers downtime to a minimum.

3)    Where in Africa are you active? How important is Kenya and the region as a market for you?
We have a regional presence by exporting to all our neighbours - Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Ethiopia, Southern Sudan, Malawi, Zambia and Ghana. 

Kenya is hugely important to us and our biggest market, our Gilgil factory is situated in the centre of the agricultural region of Kenya, where most of our products are sold.

4)    Which projects that you are involved in currently are you particularly excited about?
We are particularly excited about the increased growth of small scale farmers in the country. Our focus is to provide suitable and affordable agricultural machinery for small scale farmers which will assist them in becoming more efficient and to substantially increase their crop yields.

President Uhuru Kenyatta recently identified four areas of required growth, one of which was Food Security where he went on to say “small scale farmers will get better extensions to accessing the market with subsidies redesigned to increase food yields and quality.” Ndume plans to be part of this very important initiative.

5)    What in your view are the main challenges to the sector in the region?
The largest challenge to farmers is the lack of access to finance. Interest capping has also had an adverse effect on the availability of finance to farmers in the region.

Most small scale farmers are also unable to access information on new technologies and modern farming practises which obviously hinders efficiency, yields and growth.

6)    What inspires you about working in the agri sector?
As mentioned above, food security is key to our regional growth. We hope that our small contribution to the design, development and manufacture of agricultural machinery will assist in feeding our fast growing population, and in turn promote growth in the region.

7)    What will be your message at Farm-Tech Expo Kenya?
As the only major local manufacturer of agricultural machinery and implements in the region, our message will be “Buy Kenyan, Build Kenya.”

We will be displaying a number of our products at Farm-Tech in Naivasha which will demonstrate to farmers that they do not necessarily need to import agricultural machinery from overseas, as there are quality options locally available.