Industry updates

  • Uhuru’s Big Four agenda in 800 words 4/25/2018

    All government officials making speeches and issuing statements now make sure to cite or refer to the "Big Four" as goals of their departments and programmes. That used to happen with Kenya's Vision 2030, but most ordinary Kenyans never understood what Vision 2030 was about.

  • GroFin secures $10m USAID grant to back East African agribusinesses 10/12/2017

    Pan-African development financier GroFin has received a grant of US$10 million from the USAID East Africa Trade and Investment Hub to make investments in the agribusiness sector in East Africa over a two-year period.

  • Kenya to spend 60 mln USD in maize subsidy 10/5/2017

    Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta said Wednesday the government will spend an equivalent of 60 million U.S. dollars to subsidize maize to make the staple food affordable to citizens.