CHIEF INDUSTRIES INTERVIEW: “We are looking forward to assessing the impact of Farm-Tech Expo Kenya”

1)    Let’s start with highlights for Chief Industries during the last 12 months.
After a busy year designing projects for a wide variety of customers in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, we were rewarded at the close of 2017 with substantial orders, including orders in sub-Saharan Africa. We go into 2018 very well positioned.

2)    What makes your products and services a winner in the agri sector?
Our corporate tagline is “Trusted, Tested, True”. We provide expert advice to our customers, exacting design, products of the highest quality, manufactured to exceed the specification, and with a life span beyond the industry norm. All this is backed up by an ethos of honesty and unstinting customer support.  We don’t argue, we do.

 3)    Where in Africa are you active? How important is Kenya and the region as a market for you?
We operate in many countries in Africa, from north to south. Uganda is probably our most exciting market, but Zambia is important, and we feel that we have not yet paid Kenya the attention it deserves. We believe there is work to be done there.

4)    Which projects that you are involved in currently are you particularly excited about?
We’re excited about them all! But we do have some really exciting stuff going on in Africa and Eastern Europe.

5)    You are a bronze sponsor at the inaugural Farm-Tech Expo Kenya but are a longstanding partner of Agritech Expo Zambia. What has been your experience in Zambia and how excited are you about the new show in Kenya?
This was our fourth year of exhibiting at Agritech Zambia and we believe it is the most important show in Zambia, and important in the region. We are looking forward to assessing the impact of Farm-Tech Expo Kenya.

6)    What will be your message at Farm-Tech Expo Kenya this year?
We will be emphasising the quality and reliability of our products, our expertise, and our absolute commitment to product support. We would also like to get the message over that we are there to help customers from conception of their projects, in terms of advice and free project design.

7)    Anything you would like to add?
It will be our pleasure to exhibit at Farm-Tech Expo Kenya. We always enjoy friendly associations with organisers, clients and exhibitors at other exhibitions and believe that there will be a number of serious and focussed visitors. We’re looking forward to it!