CASE INTERVIEW: “We are inspired to be partners in developing agri mechanisation in the region in order to produce more food for a growing population”

1)    Let’s start with highlights for your organisation during the last 12 months.
A highlight for us in the last 12 months is the big breakthrough we made into the very competitive sugar belt sector. We also had continuous penetration into the high HP and harvesting sectors. We are also in the process of expanding our network to Nakuru which is located in the heart of the agricultural region in the country.

2)     What makes your products and services competitive in the agri sector?
We offer the full range of equipment from tractors, soil engaging implements, harvesting equipment and hay foraging – Case IH is of high quality and therefore we offer the best value for money with aftermarket to match.

3)     Where in Africa are you active? How important is Kenya and the region as a market for you?
Kenya is a regional hub for East Africa and is therefore strategically very important for the region. Food production is one of the major pillars identified, which the government will focus on in the next five years.

4)     Which projects that you are involved in currently are you particularly excited about?
We are involved in the 1m acre project in Galana which is opening up a 10,000 Ha model farm. We are also focusing on precision farming for the large scale farmer. The sugar sector is a key area where we are focusing on.

5)     What in your view are the main challenges to the sector in the region?
The major challenge is obtaining affordable retail finance for both our emerging farmers and project finance for large scale agribusinesses. Capping of interest rates in Kenya has affected agricultural mechanisation development. The weather is also been very challenging recently with a very severe drought in early 2017 followed by above average rainfall which has been very disruptive to agriculture.

6)     What inspires you about working in the agri sector?
What inspires us is to be partners in developing agri mechanisation in the region in order to produce more food for a growing population. We need to improve yield and production from less available land through good mechanisation suited for our customers.

7)     What will be your message at Farm-Tech Expo Kenya?
Case IH offer a full and holistic range of equipment to meet all sectors and customer size from emerging farmers to large scale agribusinesses.

8)     Anything you would like to add?
Case IH will have a wide range of equipment at the Farm-Tech Expo where customers can come and see and drive machines fitted with the latest technology suited for all types of farming including precision farming.